Top 4 best WiFi coffee shops in Cape Town

I’m a software developer. My existence depends upon being connected to the net. I, like many other software developers, enjoy taking my laptop to the coffee shop, drinking coffee while reading up on the latest Hacker News articles or reading up on new programming languages. In order to do this,... [Read More]

Continuous Delivery of Java Microservices

A large portion of the software engineering world has moved away from large monolithic software designs. Instead of having tightly-coupled systems, the modern trend in software is to create multiple smaller, independent microservices. This allows different microservices to be responsible for different functionality in the greater system. The only thing... [Read More]

Functional Java for parallel processing

The modern software engineer faces a set of problems that did not exist 15 years ago. Looking at the advancement of processing power in recent years signals the end of Moore’s Law. The clock speeds of modern processors seem to be plateauing and the only way to make things go... [Read More]